Rules for the road

1)  You and your passenger need to wear a helmet; jeans, or armored textile overpants or leathers preferred; an armored jacket (textile or leather), boots, and gloves.

2)  You should try to point out hazards to riders behind you with finger or foot.
3)  Bring your cell phone and have a "in case of emergency" listing in your cell phones address book.
4)  Make sure your fluids, tires, belts, chain, and overall bike is ready for the ride.
5)  Make sure your bikes' tank is full and yours is empty before leaving on the ride.
6)  Do not drink alcoholic beverages before or during a ride, nor use controlled substances.
7)  Make sure your bike is registered, inspected, and insured.

8)  Please do not bring a firearm along on the ride unless you have a permit to carry

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Rules for the Road and our Rides

Rules for the ride:

1)  Type your paragraph here.Ride safe, no stunting, no shooting the bird, no picking fights, no racing, if you see any rider being unsafe advise the ride leader or sweep rider.
2)  Keep up don't dawdle (this is a sport bike ride), ride your own ride, watch following distances, follow the main road, single file at pace, 2 abreast and stops and turns, wait at turns for all riders, and if you get lost, STOP. If you are new to a group, start in the back of the group and work your way front until you find where you "fit" in the pace of the group.
3)  you want to go a different pace than someone behind you or in front of you ask to switch with them.
4)  You need to ride your own pace, the leader of the ride will wait at turns and stop signs.
5)  If someone crashes, breaks down, or has involvement with law enforcement; go past them and pull off at a safe location. The sweep rider or ride leader will stop and check out things with them.
Rules for passing - first, try to switch places with another rider at a stop sign or traffic light. Next, pass only on a straight section of road. Finally, give warning and plenty of room when you pass.
If you get separated from the group, stay on the road you are on, we'll be waiting at the next turn or stop. If you are not sure stop and stay put, we'll back track and find you.
You should relax and have fun.
If you leave the ride, let someone know so we don't think you crashed and spend an hour looking for you.